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::: Quadronyx Eternal Lands Servers :::

Lands Of War : Old War - New Rules

Timeless Era : If only time stood still...

Quadronyx services

Quadronyx Blogs
Quadronyx uBlog (microblog) Service (StatusNet / GNUSocial) @u.qdnx.org (going soon)
Quadronyx uBlog (microblog)/Social Service (Friendica) @f.qdnx.org (coming soon)
Quadronyx Jabber Server
Quadronyx Mumble/Murmur Server
Quadronyx Mumble/Murmur Server
ipplz.org - IP Plz: A quick, plain way of retrieving your current IP address without hastle
c.qdnx.org - NetworkManager Connectivity Check URI
dns.qdnx.org - Dynamic DNS service
l.qdnx.org - Obligatory URL shortener
p.qdnx.org - Obligatory Paste bin
Quadronyx (e)Mail Services

BitCoin Donations accepted

BitCoin Address QR Code
BitCoin Address: 1QDNX2ckKFDknNEHjprKQLBiiADJHbUDA

Quadronyx related products

RatSlap - Linux configuration tool (remap buttons) for the Logitech G300/G300s mouse
Medregator - A simple media aggregator (podcatcher) for downloading podcasts and vidcasts etc
murmurd-smfauth - A simple script to authenticate a murmur server, using an SMF (forum) database
iview-dl - A simple script for downloading ABC iView videos
vimeo-dl - A simple script to download videos from Vimeo
dentthis - A simple script to post to instances of status.net (a microblogging (uBlog) service) such as identi.ca
loremipsum - A simple script to generate Lorem Ipsum like text.
countdups - A simple script to count duplicate (optionally sequential) lines in a stream or file(s)
youtube-url - A simple script to parse various YouTube URLs
gamesonnet-dl - Downloader for files from games.on.net (Internode's Game files server)


Network Unlock: (Telstra) Samsung Galaxy Ace GT-S5830
Root: (Telstra) Samsung Galaxy Note 3 SM-N9005 (N9005XXUDMJ7) WITHOUT burning KNOX

Upcoming projects

Blink Verse - A game where you 'move' at the blink of an eye
Can Haz - General Gift/Wishlist Registry
Hockey Trak - Amateur Ice Hockey Score Tracking
Slimilar - Just like the tasty things, only less fattening

Partners and Friends

Mullet Studio's

Advocates of: UGT - Universal Greeting Time

Advocates of: Linux - Produced for use, not profit

Mirror of various random things

Bruises on the Inside - A book about "One woman's courageous fight to free herself from a psychological and emotional prison"

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