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Zazz's use of the term "PC"

I've decided to document letters I write to companies and groups here as I often forget to follow up on them, or get a reply that is quite indicative of the type of company they are. Information others may appreciate.

Open Letter to Zazz regarding their use of the term "PC"

PLEASE stop using the term "PC" to refer to a PC running Windows. It can be very misleading and confusing for people.


"PC/Mac/Linux" makes no sense. That's like saying "Ice cream tub/Strawberry/Chocolate" when referring to neapolitan ice cream supported flavours. Obviously this is just an annoyance but when it's just Windows and Mac support, it's actually false advertising and misleading to write "PC/Mac".

Thank you for your time.

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Fighting the comment spam war

As most people with a blog know, something that's all too common, is comment spam. I got a steady 5 or so in the first week of starting my blog. In fact, it's gotten to the point that I'm getting approximately 10 a day!

This is not a nice problem so I decided to introduce a solution of sorts.

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Biting the bullet

Hi there. I am known as Fallen (UPDATE 2009-01-26: Krayon now) and I'm a computer-a-holic ;)

Despite actively using computers since 1987, believe it or not, THIS is my first official Blog posting!

While I have been able to avoid newer technology such as blogs and reality TV up until this point, I now believe I cannot hold out any longer, I must embrace one of them... and it ain't goin' to be the reality TV that's for sure!

I really just need a place to throw random IT knowledge, those little techy gotcha's that keep you in the server room at work until the next morning trying to fix, and of course my own venting rants regarding IT and the world in general.

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