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Commercial Websites SUCK!

OK seriously, I've been using the Internet since ... well lets just say I used to use BBS's until the Internet was available so from pretty early on.

I watched with interest as various companies started purchasing domains and putting near blank place holder pages up. This was exciting because at last there was a way for computer nerds to interact with these mass creatures.

I remember dreaming of never having to speak to an annoying under-trained person on the end of a phone for 45 minutes, just to find out something simple.

Sadly... now in 2008... these company websites are no better than they were back then!

Optus, Telstra, they are ALL useless crap.

I went to the Optus website about a year and a half ago tried to sign up for a pre-paid mobile phone account. The site was buggy and useless - I couldn't continue through the process and even if I could have, it kept telling me I wanted a business account even though I selected personal. I checked it out the other day - still broken.

Telsta are no different. I went to their website about 5 months ago to change to them as I'm sick of Optus but I couldn't find their plans and charges anywhere on their website... on THEIR website. In the end I had to look them up on a third party site. Can you imagine, going to a grocery store and asking how much they charge for a loaf of bread and they tell you "you'll have to ask the coffee shop down the street who buy some from us, they'll know".

I haven't found one company who's website is useful at all (excusing indexing type sites such as yellow pages etc). Some I've been to don't even have their address/phone number on them - USELESS.

I'm so glad everyone is now on the Internet - simplified life so much. pft.

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