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Car Accidents are fun! (part 2 of 3)

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When we last left our story, I had just tried to put my head through a windscreen...

The Fire Brigade and Ambulance soon arrived and had well and truly started inspecting the back seat passengers when the Police arrived.

The Police started to question Bruce as I and another passenger (Bob) waited patiently. Another Police car soon arrived and out got a Sergent. Mistaking him for a protector, server of the people, super hero, nice all round helpful guy, I approached him...

Follow up:

This Sergent (we'll call him ... Sergeant Knob) asked Bob and myself for our names which we promptly gave him. I then asked what our (as a group) rights and responsibilities were in this situation which was when he suddenly became rather hostile. He questioned why I would care about such things when there were some injured people being treated over there. I replied that they were being cared for and that I thought it was important for people to be aware of their rights and responsibilities.

Suffice it to say that this, officer - Sergeant Knob, was not exactly pleased with my apparent cold demeanor as he continued to ask his questions while gritting his teeth.

I was bothered by his lack of help and rather rude and nasty attitude, as specially considering I was a little shaken by my experience and possibly suffering a concussion, so I decided I'd make a formal complaint.

I calmly asked for Sergeant Knob's details. Sergeant Knob then told me that I'd get it on the arrest record if I continued! He also explained that he'd already arrested several people and had no issues arresting another.

Now THAT definitely wasn't nice or helpful and I thought (and was correct by the way) that I was entitled to ask for this from the orif... officer.

Now definitely wanting to make a formal complaint, and figuring he wasn't going to help me anymore, I started to note down his name and number that I could see on his badge, into my phone. This was when the night took another turn.

Sergeant Knob, who was now walking away from me, noticed what I was doing and either knowing what I planned, or suspecting I was calling a legal representative, quickly spun around and grabbed my phone from my hands.

Placing my phone in his pocket, he stated rather shortly "That's IT!" and proceeded to place me under arrest. He put some linked, silver bracelets on my wrists and placed me in the back of a Police van.

I was then taken to the Police station in the van. A rather bumpy ride too as they neglected to put a seat belt on me.

CONCLUDED IN Car Accidents are fun! (part 3 of 3)

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1 comment

Comment from: sponge [Visitor] · http://car.ozfreeonline.com
Cops are frauds. They like to abuse authority at times. I was wondering why they still took you to the police station...
18/04/08 @ 22:39

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