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Windows best application - MSPaint - for Linux?

Since I made the move to 100% Linux a year or so ago I found myself missing some parts of Windows. This is the thing that causes the most hesitation in people when looking at alternative operating systems - what do I have to give up?

While I have been able to replace nearly all the applications I used with free, open (and usually better) alternatives, there are still a few I missed.

One such application is MSPaint, until now.

UPDATED 2008-03-13

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Fighting the comment spam war

As most people with a blog know, something that's all too common, is comment spam. I got a steady 5 or so in the first week of starting my blog. In fact, it's gotten to the point that I'm getting approximately 10 a day!

This is not a nice problem so I decided to introduce a solution of sorts.

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