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Is the MS Open Source Lab good for community

Microsoft have an Open Source Software Lab at their main campus, "housing more than 300 servers which collectively run more than 15 versions of UNIX and 50 Linux distributions".

They state that the main reason the lab exists is for "testing interoperability" but also "helps Microsoft to build better products through a deeper understanding of open source software".

Microsoft even has a techie, nerdy, (sub)site available at to present their cool, hip, friendly lab.

With (to my knowledge) Microsoft only ever doing things that benefit them, the question here is, is this good for the community?

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Some people

While sifting through some mailing list posts yesturday I came across a post on the jadmin mailing list asking for assistance with setting up a Jabber server (see for more information).

What really got me was the way he was asking for help. People like this guy really aggravate and confuse me.

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