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Optus supplied D-Link DSL-302G

I found a bastardized ADSL modem yesterday (see post Multiple IP addresses, single network adapter for more information).

It was supplied with Optus ADSL Internet access here in Australia. The owner was looking at going to a different service provider for their ADSL, so I wanted to reconfigure it.

The product itself is manufactured by D-Link, and has the model name DSL-302G (Generation II). Going to the web administration page however quickly reveals something really nasty.

The modem is branded with Optus, and only allows you to set username/password and activate/deactivate NAT. If that wasn't bad enough, the NAT is specifically for to only. No where does it allow you to configure the specifics for connecting to another ISP.

I was naturally disgusted by this, and decided to flash it with the latest D-Link firmware.

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Multiple IP addresses, single network adapter

I went to my Auntie's place yesturday to reinstall her machine (maybe Linux), and work out why her Internet isn't working.

Of course, she'd gone out and purchased a Compaq computer for 10 times more cost than a better custom job AND signed up for Optus ADSL.

Anyway, I needed to take a look at her ADSL modem at my home (see post Optus supplied D-Link DSL-302G for the reason). It's a D-Link DSL-302G, and it's default ip is (class A). On my network, machines are in the address range 192.168.x.x (class C).

In the past I would have simply changed my IP address to something within that range so that I could access the device. I decided this time however, to look into allocating a SECOND IP, to my network card.

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