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The GPL Effect

I would like to describe exactly what happened to me over the last 6 years or so, that I affectionately call "The GPL Effect".

Six years ago, I found out about GNU/Linux. I had been using other operating systems such as Novell Netware, Windows, Commodore 64 OS and DOS for years, and had dabbled in VMS and UNIX. While I'd been using computers for many years already, I hadn't purchased much software. I was generally given software from friends and didn't think much about the fact that I was stealing.

I read about GNU/Linux in a magazine one day and was introduced to the concept of the GPL - GNU ( General Public License. I read that GNU/Linux is "free" and it fascinated me, though I only was thinking of it from a cost point of view. I liked the fact that I could get a distribution, a CD (or now - DVD or set of CDs) that not only contained an Operating System that was greatly superior than most others I'd used, but also a complete set of applications that ran within that operating system, all for absolutely nothing ... LEGALLY.

At this point, I had NO idea how much my life would be changed, because of this.

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Is the NEW media distribution method like Freeware

Steadman is a band. Steadman is a very good band. Steadman used to be signed with a major label (twice). Steadman give ALL their music works away for free!

Times are changing FAST because of the new advances in technology today. Your average person is still trying to adjust to all the new and different possibilities that suddenly present themselves. Change is necessary and inevitable.

The music industry, as we all know, is (apparently) feeling the crushing blow of Internet sharing of music yet they are not changing as they should. They aren't adapting. They are instead trying desperately to cling on to their precious "property" and "rights".

One or more new models are required.

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Laptop HOME key produces ~ (tilde) in shell

I recently installed Slackware 10.2 on my Acer Extensa 368T laptop. The installation went fairly smoothly except that I noticed the HOME key produced a ~ while in a shell.

I had an idea that this was just a miss-mapped key so I started looking around. While many people had posted solutions, for MY situation, they didn't work.

Most of the solutions stated that you should ensure that the line:

"\e[1~": beginning-of-line

Appeared in my /etc/inputrc or .inputrc. This was already the case so I was somewhat confused.

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Biting the bullet

Hi there. I am known as Fallen (UPDATE 2009-01-26: Krayon now) and I'm a computer-a-holic ;)

Despite actively using computers since 1987, believe it or not, THIS is my first official Blog posting!

While I have been able to avoid newer technology such as blogs and reality TV up until this point, I now believe I cannot hold out any longer, I must embrace one of them... and it ain't goin' to be the reality TV that's for sure!

I really just need a place to throw random IT knowledge, those little techy gotcha's that keep you in the server room at work until the next morning trying to fix, and of course my own venting rants regarding IT and the world in general.

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